Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

This from the New York Time Article, a Quote from David Jolly

Worldwide, a Bad Year Only Got Worse

David Jolly

Published Jan 1 2009
"But that loss would prove trivial compared with what happened afterward. The bad news never seemed to let up: Bear Stearns in the spring, then after a bit of a summer lull, the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy in mid-September, the takeover of Merrill Lynch, the bailout of American International Group, the collapse of Bernard L. Madoff’s business, the near-bankruptcy of General Motors. The names say it all for one of the most memorable years in financial history."

The Steel industry is asking for $1 Trillion dollars over the next two years. Only a trillion, hardly anything. CNN reports the purchase of piggy banks are up! Save those pennies, Kids, it's gonna be a rough ride!

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